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Transparency Blog by Gizmoz for the Customers


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**Celebrating Indian Ingenuity: The Journey of in the Printing Industry**

In an age where globalization has made the world a smaller place, one Indian venture stands tall, proudly bearing the label "Made in India.", a pioneer in the printing industry, has not only managed to carve a niche for itself but also proudly waves the flag of indigenous innovation. With a journey spanning five successful years, has etched its name in the annals of Indian entrepreneurship, showcasing relentless dedication and a commitment to quality.

**From Humble Beginnings to Cutting-Edge Innovation** embarked on its journey in the printing industry with a vision to provide exceptional custom products to its customers. This journey was no walk in the park; it required extensive research and development to arrive at the advanced printing technology that the company employs today. What sets apart is its unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. With every passing year, the company added new products to its repertoire, constantly evolving to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

**Proudly Indian: A Story of Economic Self-Sufficiency**

In an era when international outsourcing has become the norm, proudly champions the "Make in India" spirit. The company's determination to keep the money within the Indian economy reflects its patriotism and a desire to contribute to the nation's growth. By manufacturing and offering products that are proudly made in India, embodies the essence of self-reliance and the power of local talent and expertise.

**Catering to the Unique: Customization as a Cornerstone**

What truly sets apart is its dedication to meeting the unique needs of its customers. With a commitment to customization, the company crafts products that align with individual customer requirements. Whether it's personalized phone cases or other tailor-made merchandise, goes above and beyond to deliver products that resonate with its customers on a personal level.

**Embracing Pop Culture: An Anime Fandom Haven**'s success story doesn't stop at its technological prowess and economic patriotism. The company has also solidified its position as a premier seller of anime fandom and products. With an affinity for watching shows and a genuine passion for the medium, has tapped into a vibrant community of anime enthusiasts. This unique connection with pop culture has played a significant role in the company's popularity and growth.

**Transitioning Beyond Boundaries: A Pause and a Pivot**

As a testament to its adaptability,'s journey has recently taken an intriguing turn. From a thriving physical store presence, the company has temporarily paused its brick-and-mortar operations, perhaps in response to the changing global landscape. This pause, however, serves as a stepping stone to a new phase of innovation and growth, showcasing the company's resilience and willingness to evolve.

In conclusion,'s story is a testament to Indian ingenuity, a celebration of technological innovation, and a tribute to the love for pop culture. With a legacy of five fruitful years, the company's journey embodies the essence of "Made in India" and highlights the potential that resides within the nation's entrepreneurial ecosystem. As continues to evolve, it reminds us that with dedication, innovation, and a touch of personalization, even the most ambitious dreams can be realized.



We Believe Each Product carries emotion either if its a character print or a show oriented Merch, each purchase made by a customer has a reason we never disappoint or compromise in the quality that part of the purchase is secured and well known which is why we have Loyal and muliplte ordering customers who bounce back 
we're Comparetively new and Love doing this so we keep our margins Nominal and Since we're not a massive brand, we're offering more at less price 

The first thing a Customer thinks before making Printed Merch Purchase is the Print Durabilty
Once Printed by Gizmoz, Forget that it will EVER Fade or Crack or anyof those, we got that covered and its garaunteed any Print  Getting off or Fading within 6 months of purchase gets replaced 

 Try our product once we've upgraded Print tech to the next level making people forget that prints ever get removed 

so a 500-700 Regular Tshirt will be a "total Wasool" till youre not bored with it 

We believe A product comes with a lot of Services and its not a short story 
click here to check our services that we provide 

We're Working Improvising and UPGRADING contantly our Print Quality is MAXED out it cant be Done any better Our 100% pure 180 GSM Tshirt are MAXED out as well cant increase its quality Working on Other Section Trying to Add more Product Which has Free Replacements 



what happens Backend when you place an order?
Customers are Auto notified Via whatsap, Email or Text msg about thier order

We Start Processing the order and send it to Printing  our staff Prints it as per request within a Day Usually . once the Tshirt is Ready We FULLFILL it once it is fulfilled you get a tracking code and your live updates Start 

For COD order we might reConfirm over whatsapp OR call  before shipping the order 
no confirmation = no fulfillment  some orders also get cancelled if address quality issue or customer is below 15 



**Title: Elevating Comfort and Quality:'s Premium Cotton and Biowash Collection**

In the realm of fashion, where trends come and go, quality remains an everlasting hallmark. Meet, a trailblazer in the printing industry that not only takes pride in its "Made in India" ethos but also elevates the concept of premium cotton clothing to new heights. With a keen focus on delivering unparalleled comfort and style, introduces its signature Premium Cotton and Biowash Collection, setting a new benchmark for export-quality clothing that's loved by thousands.

**A Fabric Refined: The Journey to Perfection**

Behind every extraordinary product lies a journey of dedication and refinement.'s Premium Cotton and Biowash Collection embodies this philosophy, with a year-long endeavor to experiment with different fabric qualities. The result? A fabric that has won the hearts of thousands of customers and continues to garner love and appreciation with each passing day.

**The Fabric: Unveiling the Excellence**

1. **Premium Cotton (1):** Crafted from the choicest cotton fibers, this fabric is a testament to's commitment to delivering the best. With a weight of 180 GSM, these garments strike a harmonious balance between durability and softness, providing wearers with a comfortable yet stylish experience.

2. **Biowash Cotton (2):** In a world that values sustainability,'s Biowash Cotton fabric shines as a beacon of eco-friendliness. While retaining the luxurious feel of traditional cotton, this fabric undergoes a biowash process that reduces its environmental impact. The result? Garments that are not only kind to your skin but also to the planet.

**Export Quality: A Global Standard**'s commitment to quality extends beyond borders. The Premium Cotton and Biowash Collection is more than just domestically appreciated; it's designed to meet export-quality standards. This global approach not only showcases the company's determination to provide the best to its customers but also paints a picture of Indian craftsmanship at its finest.

**Indulgence in Every Category**

The Premium Cotton and Biowash Collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring that comfort and style know no bounds:

- **T-Shirts (180 GSM):** The cornerstone of casual wear,'s T-shirts marry style and comfort effortlessly, making them perfect for everyday adventures.

- **Hoodies (320 GSM):** As temperatures drop,'s Hoodies step in, enveloping you in warmth and luxury. With a weight of 320 GSM, these hoodies are more than just clothing; they're an experience.

- **Sweatshirts (300 GSM):** Transitioning between seasons has never been smoother.'s Sweatshirts offer the perfect balance of coziness and breathability, making them an ideal choice year-round.

- **Shorts (300 GSM):** Embrace comfort without compromising on style.'s Shorts, boasting a weight of 300 GSM, offer a versatile solution for casual outings and relaxation.

In a world brimming with choices, stands out by offering a collection that resonates with both the individual and the environment. The Premium Cotton and Biowash Collection symbolizes more than just clothing; it represents a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the timeless appeal of "Made in India." As continues to redefine the fashion landscape, one can only imagine the innovations and creations that lie ahead, waiting to make their mark in the world of style and comfort.

What is Premium cotton and Why 

The only major diffrence between a Local cotton and Premium Export quality Cotton is after
Washes Some how Cotton manufacturers have manupulated Tshirts too look Premium but not feel premium  As a middle class family born millennials 
my Mother use to say " ye toh dhone ke baad pocha ho jata hai" 

after 1-2 washes the local cotton gives up and changes shapes wierdly 
While Premium cotton stays intact in everyway it can be it color or shape ..

we Do not jinx or Mix our Tshirts with any other fabric or Material to Decrease the Cost price 
OR increase the GSM (thickness) of the Tshirt 


What is Bio Wash

Bio-Wash is a finishing process that enhances fabric quality by decreasing the pilling tendency and fuzziness of (cellulose) knitted fabrics. This finishing process applied to cellulose textiles that produces permanent effects by the use of enzymes. This process removes protruding fibres & slubs from knitted fabrics, significantly reduces pilling, softens fabric hand and provides a smooth fabric appearance .

Importance of Bio Wash

  1. To removes Hairiness, fluffs and pills .
  2. To Prevent material sticking .
  3. To soften fabric hand & improved handle .
  4. To achievement of surface smoothness and a clear structural appearance & improved luster .
  5. To improved material texture relaxation & increased flexibility.
  6. To improved sew-ability & Fast to washing, low pilling tendency, no napping in use, or during care operation.
  7. To Converted fabrics from Poor quality, uneven, napped, knoppy material surface to lustrous, soft, elegant,top quality with a fine, high quality surface appearance.



This is where we Excell the most Our Print NEVER gets removed or even fade 1% NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO*. at times where customers are insecured about if the Print will remove or fade or the print size would be small  isnt that something ? or a big step towards Great quality products Made in india for india ^^

we just Solved These issues we garauntee it , the Prints are Crisp 4K quality CMYK 300 DPI not a pixel lesser with High Density 100% Original EPSON INKS  
our Prints are Not DTG or screen Printed 
*Do check our DO's and DONT's

Why We do not Serve COD with full Charm:

  • we Get alot of Orders from Fraudlent addresses , Numbers , Trial and error, fake clicks,Moody Customers or Underage person without any parential consent 
  • which is why our COD confirmation is a bit Strict and fails in some cases ...
    Here is a glimpse of Some People ordering, Confirming it  then canceling it After a DAY or two when its shipped Without Any reason 

  • How is Cash on Delivery (COD) Exploited?

    While Cash on Delivery is a great way of enticing your end-customers to buy a product, it is profoundly misused. Many people abuse this facility by randomly ordering high-priced products and simply rejecting them when delivered.

    As per a report published in the Times of India,  customers would order expensive goods “just for fun”, and refuse to accept them upon delivery. This may seem hilarious at first, particularly from the viewpoint of end-customers; it’s a disheartening thing for the sellers. 

    For every return (and afterward reattempt), the shipping charge for the sellers gets doubled, trimming the share of their profit and making COD an insecure payment option for them.

    The Diffrence Between COD delivery and Prepaid Delivery is bonkers 
    COD charges are 100 (and yes this is what we get charged by delivery partners)
  • the Shipment is Slower, Dicy and Risky for us 
  • If youre Serious about the Order and a good spender try 1 our our Product via Prepaid 
    be it the cheapest one If you like/love it continue else you can always Move on 
    Check our reviews on Instagram Or here  highlights section for the same 

    X) After being in indian Market for 7 years now All we know is there is either a 5* review or a 1* rating there is no Middle Ground on this, people are overwhlemed by our quality 
    here are some reviews by our buyers
        Scroll Down a bit after clicking on the link the plugin is kinda glitchy on some phones 
    Ofcourse its not all Rainbow and sunshine which is why we also have reviews on our IG handle


    • why We do not Prefer Sales or Discounts on Tshirts
      1.The products we sell are all Geart Quality, Use it to check it with Minimal Profit margins 
      2.we do not wanna Lower the Price of a product your friend got for a diffrent price ;)
      3.the sale Might be when the Tshirts are over stocked or the print is out date we might throw that in a Offer or discounted price to get rid of it . Currently we're selling all Hot trending products 

    • We might have Tribute Sale on Some shows in the future 

    Kindly Comment below What changes/updates/Collections Would you like to see on

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    Because i need a sample and have a few questions.

    1. are you Shopping to Germany and how much cost the tax?
    2. ⁠how much cost a sample?
    3. ⁠are you make a Puff Print?
    4. ⁠and how much is the moq

    240 gsm


    Can you please tell when you will get COD Option as payment 🥺🥺🥺.


    Please have android app


    How to get Discount Codes?


    I have 100% on you 💯 💯💯

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